I’m so glad you’re here! Whether it’s the first time you are checking out Kasper’s Kitchen or have known about me for a while now.

I’m Kasper, a professional chef, and I created this blog in 2015 with the goal of helping others get into the kitchen to cook simple yet delicious food BUT in 2016 I quit….. I lost interest and just didn’t find it very interesting anymore! After about a 2 year break I felt like i was missing something and I realized that I really missed blogging! In the process of contemplating whether or not I should start up again I came to the conclusion that reason i had quit before was because i wasn’t doing it for me! I was posting because of a desire to for attention or fame. Now I’m back but doing it for myself!

I’ve (re)created Kasper’s Kitchen because as a chef I believe a food blog should be a mix of simple and easy cooking that anyone can do to get a quick and well-tasting meal. I also think it should have more complicated and interesting content that will challenge the more “nerdy” food lovers out there!

Also featured on the site will be Regan, my amazing wife! She has the all important job as Chief-Taste-Tester and takes that responsibility very serious!!! (But luckily for me she is vegetarian so I get to eat all the meat myself!)

To sum up myself, my name is Kasper, I’m a chef, I love the outdoors, travelling and this is my blog!

I’m currently located in Vineyard, Utah