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Slowed-cooked Beef Stew

Print Recipe Slow cooked Beef Stew Ingredients2 lb beef chuck (cubed) or other kinds of stew meat 2 cups ap flour1 tbsp olive oil1 medium onion diced4 large carrots chopped3 sticks celery chopped1 lb yellow potato diced6 cloves garlic minced20 fl. oz. beef stock alternatively use water + 2 beef stock cubes5 oz tomato paste1 […]


Orange Syrup

Easy recipe for a delicious and simple orange syrup that you can pour over any dessert such as pancakes or the traditional Danish rice pudding served at Christmas. If you want to surprise your guests with a dessert that they have never experienced before, but not have to much trouble, this is the recipe for […]


Homemade Whisky Sauce

Print Recipe Homemade Whisky Sauce – the one and only Ingredients10 tbsp whiskey2 tbsp balsamic vinegar1 tbsp sugar1 tbsp rosemary(chopped) (pick the herb and keep the sprig)1 tbsp thyme (pick the herb and keep the sprig)1 tbsp bbq sauce I love Sweet Baby Rays1.6 oz ketchup1.6 oz tomato puree8.5 oz half n' halfsalt & pepperwater […]